COVID External Associates

COVID Screen for Development Consultants, Evaluators and External Volunteers

Surrey Female requires all coaches, evaluators and instructors to complete a daily COVID screen as part of our requirements for Return To Hockey protocols.


The link for the COVID Screen form can be found HERE.  It can also be found on the COVID-19 page for our organization at


If you have screened positive, or answered YES to any of the questions, we ask that you refrain from the ice sessions and notify us, and if applicable your employer immediately; for our organization please contact and

The data that we are collecting is to help us trace contacts for both parties should we encounter a positive player/ice arena staff member.

We are attaching the Facility Guidelines so that you are aware of the arena policies and procedures and they can be passed along to your employees as required.

Arena Re-Opening Guidelines for Minor Sport

PI - ReOpening Plan

Excellent Ice COVID Procedures Page 1

Excellent Ice COVID Procedures Page 2


Please note that at the City of Surrey Rinks we are currently observing the Phase 2 guidelines - no contact drills or scrimmages.  They are very strict about entry and exit - all people must be ready to enter into the building no later than 15min prior to their ice time.  If you are late they will not let you in.  We are telling our players to attend 30min prior to ensure they are ready and have completed the paperwork.  We have attached the Attendance Record that the City of Surrey has asked our Health Check person to complete, and we will need all persons and personnel to complete this with them as well as the daily COVID check.


We also require all organizations to complete the following waiver prior to ice entry.  WAIVER



Event or Gather Attendee Register Form

Algorithms for Return To Hockey COVID19