COVID Screening

Failing to answer screening questions truthfully may result in an indefinite suspension.

Screening Tools & Methods


  • Required to complete the TeamSnap (TS) Health Check for each event.
  • TS Health Check must be completed on the day of the event prior to arriving at the facility.
  • TS Health Check opens 8 hours before each scheduled event.
  • TS Health Check is located within the details for each scheduled event and only available using mobile devices.

  • TS Health Check is only supported on the latest version of the TeamSnap app.
  • Here is an example of the TS Health Check from Mobile



  • This form is for Surrey Female volunteers, coaches or team officials that are not currently rostered for an ice session.
  • This form is to be filled out prior to every ice session; however if you have been in contact with others that have traveled or COVID-tested people who are awaiting swab results during the course of this camp, we ask that you immediately self-identify and speak with the appropriate person at the Association or connect with the
  • Click HERE to download the form.



  • Required to complete a self assessment using the online BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool before attending any SFHA events.
  • The Self-Assessment must be completed on the day of the event prior to arriving at the facility.

"Not Cleared" TS Health Check or "Positive" BC Self-Assessment



  • Contact your Division Coordinator for further direction.
  • Not Cleared due to answering YES to travelling outside of the PROVINCE ONLY?  If you travel outside of the Province, the TS Health Check will report "Not Cleared".  In this situation you MUST follow protocol and contact the Division Coordinator.  Travelling outside of the Province does not mean the event may not be attended, but it is crucial to have a conversation with the Division Coordinator before being cleared to attend.


  • Do not attend the event.
  • Contact your Division Coordinator for further direction

Attendance Tracking at Facilities


  • Some facilities require a sign in at the time of the event for COVID tracking purposes.  The facility requirement is updated on the Facility Guidelines page under the Facility & SFHA Quick Look Table.  It is the responsibility of each member or member's family guardian to ensure they sign in with the SFHA volunteer collecting this information.