COVID Screening

Failing to answer screening questions truthfully may result in an indefinite suspension.

An Important Message from the PCAHA Regarding Screening

PCAHA has been made aware of these new steps regarding student health checklists and are beginning an internal review on this topic with Hockey Canada.


Currently the symptom screening process for our programming is at first direction coming from Hockey Canada, as the NSO from the stand point that this is where we receive our insurance and liability coverages. However, we understand Hockey Canada’s desire to work with Provincial Health Authorities and the additional direction from entities such as viaSport. At this time, our current screening protocols remain as previously communicated. However, we will update the membership should anything change on this front. We are looking forward to hearing feedback from Hockey Canada on the matter.

Screening Tools & Methods


SFHA requires all event attendees to complete our new Event Health Screening Form before access may be granted to events.

    • How: using a browser (mobile or desktop) go to:
    • Who:  SFHA members/families, Visiting team members/families, 3rd parties, or anyone who will be attending the event is required and this includes but is not limited to;
      • Players
      • Team Officials (Coaches, Managers, Team Moms, HCSPs)
      • Volunteers (Score/Time Keepers)
      • Spectators
      • Development Coaches
      • Referees
    • When: the screening must be completed on the DAY OF the event or it will not be accounted for.
    • What: You will receive an email of a copy of your submission in which you must submit and show to the Health Check person prior to entry of any home rink or event we visit (i.e. away game, dryland, team building, etc.).
      If you have failed the health check you will not be permitted to attend the event.  SFHA members are to follow the instructions under What to do if you fail a screening section of our website.
    • Where:  The Event Health Screening form is to be completed for all events hosted by SFHA, and all Surrey Falcon teams are to complete it when at an event not taking place at one of our home facilities (i.e. away game, team building, dryland training, etc.).
    • Why:  We have moved to a single, unified screening form that encompasses all types of people accessing the rinks to simplify our attendance and contact tracing requirements set forth by our rental agreements and safety policies.

What To Do If You Fail The Health Check/Screening



Attendance Tracking at Facilities


  • Some facilities require a sign in at the time of the event for COVID tracking purposes.  The facility requirement is updated on the Facility Guidelines page under the Facility & SFHA Quick Look Table.  It is the responsibility of each member or member's family guardian to ensure they sign in with the SFHA volunteer collecting this information.