By-Law Changes

Submission for By-law Changes must be done by April 10, 2020 5pm and must follow Robert’s Rules. Here is the current By-Laws link


Online Virtual Meeting Details

SFHA will be hosting our annual AGM using Google Meet. Please see below for further details.

  • Online registration is required using this form.
    • We ask that you register ASAP. This will help to reduce the administration effort directly before the meeting starts and prevent any delay in starting the meeting.
    • Registration closes 1 hour prior to the start of the meeting.
  • Meeting details for joining the online meeting will be emailed to registered members prior to the event.
    • Basic requirements are a supported browser (latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or MS Edge) but we recommend Chrome, or the “Hangouts Meet” mobile app (NOT Hangouts).
    • Participants are encouraged to join the meeting in advance to work out any technical issues. We will not be troubleshooting technical issues for participants once the meeting starts.
    • To reduce background noise and feedback we ask all participants to follow two very important guidelines for a successful meeting:
      • pick a quiet location within your home or wherever you’re joining from especially if you plan to be speaking at the meeting
      • mute the microphone immediately after joining and only unmute when you are speaking
  • We will host a 30 minute test meeting starting 24 hours before the actual meeting. This will allow attendees to become familiar with an online meeting and test the solution with your network and hardware. If you would like to attend the test meeting please be sure to select the option in the registration form and we’ll send you an invite.
  • For further information the platform we’ll be using for the event please see the below links:

Stay safe and see you then!

Surrey Female Hockey Executive Team