Final evaluations for U11 have completed.  Below are the final rosters for the C2 & C3 level teams in the U11 division.

If you are awaiting schedule information please check our website schedule for your respective team.  As well, a message from the Division Coordinator or a Team Official will be sent out from TeamSnap.


U11 (Atom) C2

Auger, Madison
Bahi, Ranaya
Cheng, Ellie
Fernie, Brooklyn
Fiander, Cameron
Friedrich, Jena
Guillen, Tania
Heer, Nyla
Koruz, Ella
Maion, Natalie
Nedila, Annabelle
Sandhu, Bhavneer
Savage, Lynden
Stava, Hillary
Vandermark, Addyson
Wasney, Addison


U11 (Atom) C3

Allard, Brianne
Bailey, Ava
Brar, Siyana
Croft, Makenzie
Dhasi, Gia
Gallaher, Mira
Levert, Jade
Neuman, Leoni
Palivos, Sophia
Sanghera, Aleesya
Turyk, Maddison
Wasney, Makayla
Wevita, Enardrie
While, Stella
While, Violet