Phase 1 evaluations for U11 have completed.

  • Players continuing onto C1 Phase 2 evaluations are listed under U11 (Atom) C1 Phase 2.
  • Players transitioning to C2 evaluations are listed under U11 (Atom) C2.
  • Players are to report to their assigned tiers and groupings.  The schedule is found here.  Soon this schedule will be available to players from within TeamSnap.

If you have any questions please contact your Division Coordinator.


U11 (Atom) C1 Phase 2

Auger, Madison
Bal, Imrin
Butler, Maya
Dadd, Kasey
Domonkos, Keira
Engbrecht, Kaitlyn
Fernie, Brooklyn
Garden, Samantha
Gedikian, Kylie
Gill, Jaya
Guillen, Tania
Howell, Georgia
Johnson, Myelle
Koch, Chelsea
Laforet, Amelia
Macquarrie, Avery
Nagra, Veera
Odgers, Avery
Savage, Lynden
Vandermark, Addyson
Weber, Sofia
Zanatta, Kaitlin


U11 (Atom) C2

Allard, Brianne
Bahi, Ranaya
Bailey, Ava
Brar, Siyana
Cheng, Ellie
Croft, Makenzie
Dhasi, Gia
Fiander, Cameron
Friedrich, Jena
Gallaher, Mira
Heer, Nyla
Koruz, Ella
Levert, Jade
Maion, Natalie
Nedila, Annabelle
Neuman, Leoni
Palivos, Sophia
Sandhu, Bhavneer
Sanghera, Aleesya
Stava, Hillary
Turyk, Maddison
Wasney, Addison
Wasney, Makayla
Wevita, Enardrie
While, Stella
While, Violet