We had the opportunity to interview Mandy Pollock. A former Surrey Falcon Player that is a top player in the Major Midget league and was recently awarded “Player of the Month for February 2015”.

SFHA: Congratulations Mandy!   I have had the opportunity to watch you play several times this year and I have enjoyed watching how you compete in each of those games.

SFHA: When did you come to Surrey Female?   Why?

Mandy: I moved over to the Surrey Falcons for my first year of Bantam because I thought it would be beneficial to play girls hockey before I tried out for major midget.   I had played boys hockey my whole life prior to that.

SFHA: Who was your most influential coach while here?

Mandy: My most influential Surrey Falcons coach would have to be Boyd Stoppler. He saw my potential and made sure I always gave 100 percent.

SFHA: What was your experience like with Surrey Female?

Mandy:My experience with Surrey Female was one like I’ve never had before. There were a lot of new experiences.  It was challenging to change how I played.  In boys hockey I was a physical player and knock my opponents off the puck without being penalized for it.  In girls hockey that was a different story and I often found myself in the box.  [I’m still working on that; I led the league in penalty minutes this year … 66 PIM]

Mandy:Playing with the Surrey Falcons was the beginning of many new friendships.  I met so many new girls from all over the Surrey and Langley area. I am still close with many of them.

SFHA: How did the coaching etc. at Surrey Female prepare you for Major Midget?

Mandy: My coaches prepared me for Major Midget by always making sure I was working hard and that I was getting the most out of the season. They gave me tips and things to work on.  The coaching staff put us in tournaments that challenged us. The training on and off the ice was the beginning in preparing me for an optimal Major Midget try out.

SFHA: What are your hockey dreams? 

Mandy: My one big dream is to play for Team Canada. My more practical dream goal would be to play CIS hockey. I will begin to apply for University shortly. Basically I want to play at the highest level I can, for the longest.

SFHA: What is the best thing about female hockey? 

Mandy:The best thing about female hockey would have to be the experience of playing a sport which you love, with a group of great girls. All the memories and friendships you make along the way, all the fun you have becoming a better player is an unbelievable experience.

SFHA:  Thank you so much for your time Mandy.  I know you are super busy.  We wish you all the best in your hockey this year and into the future.