Dear Members,

Each year the Cops for Cancer initiative is dedicated to raising money for Canadian Cancer Society. Specifically, this event focuses on raising money to help research with pediatric cancer and organizing camps for kids with cancer.

This year, there are 4 Surrey RCMP members participating in the fundraiser ride. As part of their effort, they are organizing an online auction to take place on June 12, 2021 via Able Auctions.

Cops for Cancer is asking community based businesses help make this event a success by donating goods or services for the auction. This can be, for example, gift basket or wine basket. ALL PROCEEDS will go directly to Canadian Cancer Society.

One of the things that make the Surrey Falcons a great association is that we give back to our community. I would encourage our members to please consider and help out this very worthy cause. There are several members of our association who are police officers with the VPD and the RCMP who do great things for our community and this is just another example.

If you are interested in donating goods or services to the Cops for Kids auction i would ask that you please email Constable Hwan Lee at This would be a great opportunity to help the Surrey community and also advertise the donor’s business.

Hwan is also the U11 Division Coordinator for the Surrey Falcons and has a daughter on our U11 C2 team. You can follow Hwan on Twitter (@c4clee) and Facebook (constable.lee.7).

Members can also make financial contributions by visiting this site

If planning on providing items for auction we just ask for the following:

  1. brief description of the business
  2. brief description of the items, including “fine prints”
  3. picture(s) of the item or service being offered.
  4. approximate value of the item

Thank you for supporting our community.

Gary Mizuno
President SFHA