When registering for the 2016-17 hockey season you will be asked to acknowledge that you have read and understand the Surrey Falcons Volunteer Policy.  The following words and the answers to the following commonly asked questions is that policy.

Why we have a policy

Our association is run entirely by volunteers and the success of our association depends on the level of engagement of our volunteers.

Compared to local boys minor hockey associations that have roughly 5 times as many players we have a significantly smaller volunteer pool.

Because we need as many of our families as possible contributing volunteer hours to the association, we make volunteering mandatory for all families.

What you have to do

Someone from each player’s family is required to provide a minimum of 4 volunteer hours to support association events such as the SuperHeart Tournament or a Come Try Female Hockey event.

Typically this involves running an information table at a City of Surrey rink to promote a “Come Try” session or running a prize table, registration table, keeping score or running the clock at SuperHeart.  It could also involve preparation for either event or another association event.

The volunteer time you put in for team games or team events does not count toward the 4 hours you are required to put in to association events.

Volunteer cheques

To ensure that every family understands the importance of volunteering, at the start of every year Team Managers will collect a postdated cheque for $200 for every player.  The cheques should be payable to “Surrey Female Hockey Association” and dated for February 1 of the coming season (for example February 1, 2017 for the 2016-17 hockey season) and reference the players name in the note section.

Team Managers will ensure that all cheques for their team are properly dated and marked and deliver them to Surrey Falcons Treasurer Gary Mizuno no later than October 15.

At the end of the SuperHeart tournament (in February each year) the cheques of those families who have performed their volunteer hours will be shredded and the cheques of those families who have not performed their volunteer hours will be cashed.

Clarifying questions

If my daughter’s team is not in the SuperHeart tournament why do I have to volunteer at SuperHeart?

We have expanded SuperHeart to include as many Surrey Falcons teams as possible given the amount of ice we can obtain at serviceable locations.  Unfortunately due to limited ice or lack of applicants in a particular division there may be some Surrey Falcons teams that don’t play in our tournament.  We still expect families of those players to perform volunteer hours during the tournament because the proceeds of the tournament benefit all of our teams.  Profits from SuperHeart are one of the main revenue sources for our association and that revenue benefits all registered players.  So while we look forward to a time when every single Surrey Falcons team is in the tournament, we still expect all families to volunteer.

My daughter’s team is not in the SuperHeart tournament and we are skiing that week-end so we can’t volunteer – will you still cash my cheque?

Those families who can’t volunteer at SuperHeart because they are away should contact Vice-President Melissa Lee who coordinates the Come Try Female Hockey events.  She is looking for volunteers for that activity as well.

I did the clock for my daughter’s team 4 times this year, doesn’t that count as 4 hours?

The volunteer time you put in for team games and team events is very much appreciated but you are still required to put in 4 hours of volunteer work at the association level.