Phase 1 evaluations for U11 have completed.

  • Players continuing onto C1 Phase 2 evaluations are listed alphabetically.
  • Players transitioning to C2 evaluations are not listed, however, these players will be assigned to new groupings within TeamSnap immediately, and their new schedule will be available from within TeamSnap once this transition completes.  Refresh TeamSnap to see these changes.
  • Players are to report to their assigned tiers and groupings.
  • For reference of the next possible ice times, the schedule is available here.

If you have any questions please contact your U11 Division Coordinator.


U11 C1

Auger, M*
Bal, I
Cheng, E
Dhasi, G
Domonkos, K
Fernie, B
Garden, S
Kaila, S
Koruz, E
Li, A
Macquarrie, K
Maion, N
Manhas, A
Odgers, A
Sandhu, A K
Sandhu, B
Sanghera, A
Savage, L A
Shiels, R
Shiels, S
Spencer, M
Wasney, A
Weber, S

* Player is included in the Phase 2 process due to a medical exemption and will be evaluated upon her return within the specified timeline set by the Executive.