Phase 1 evaluations for U13 have completed.

  • Players continuing onto A1 Phase 2 evaluations are listed alphabetically.
  • Players transitioning to U13 A2 evaluations are not listed, however, these players will be assigned to a new grouping within TeamSnap by noon on Thursday, Sept. 15 and their new schedule will be available from within TeamSnap once this transition completes.
  • Players are to report to their assigned tiers and groupings.
  • For reference, the schedule is found here.

If you have any questions please contact your Division Coordinator.

U13 A1

Auger, M
Bahi, R
Bal, I
Butler, M
Dadd, K
Domonkos, K
Engbrecht, K
Fernie, B
Garden, S
Gill, J
Johnson, M
Koruz, E
Laforet, A
Motoche, E
Nagra, V
Odgers, A
Rebrec, A
Sandhu, A
Sandhu, B
Savage, L
Wasney, A
Weber, S
Zanatta, K

Thank you,
SFHA Executive