BC Hockey has created a new Female Hockey Programming Coordinator position and announced that Cindy Secord (Surrey, BC), will serve as the first person to hold this position.

The Female Hockey Programming Coordinator will perform the following key duties:

  • Assist District and local Minor Hockey Associations (MHA), female hockey committees, and other BC Hockey member personnel with the promotion and delivery of female hockey programs.
  • Provide instruction, develop and circulate guidelines to build operational standards for female hockey programming.
  • Develop female hockey program guidelines for implementation by local Associations.
  • Review and revise BC Hockey Female Player Development Model regulations.
  • Develop recommendations for program design which aligns to the BC Hockey Female Player Development Model. Provide input related to the development of female hockey personnel and the female game.
  • Encourage participation in female hockey.
  • Serve on Hockey Canada Female Task Teams as required.

“This is an important step forward in our goal to enhance our female hockey programs”, says Barry Petrachenko, Chief Executive Officer of BC Hockey. “Cindy is a great addition to our program staff and will serve as the key point person supporting our members in efforts to grow female teams and Associations.

Secord served on BC Hockey’s Board of Directors for the 2017-2018 season but has been heavily involved with the Female game with the Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey Association (PCAHA).

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