New Process for Criminal Record Checks

There have been some updates to the Criminal Records Review Program.  Before starting the process please read the instructions.  If a wrong option is selected, the CRC will need to be resubmitted resulting in delays.  This is a lengthy and time consuming process when a wrong option is selected.  You will not be eligible to participate as a volunteer until the CRC process is returned to the SFHA Risk Manager.  This delay may have a direct impact to the players if volunteers are not cleared.  Please take the time to review the Q&A below to familiarize yourself with the changes.  

SFHA Criminal Record Check FAQs & Process

Who needs a CRC?
  • Volunteers (i.e. Coaches, HCSP, Team Moms, Managers, on-ice Helpers) over the age of 18 who are working with SFHA players of any age (including Juvenile players).
    • Minors (under 18) do not need a CRC (inform your manager that you are still a minor and therefore do not qualify to have a CRC done).
    • SFHA requires volunteers working with Juvenile aged players to obtain a CRC.  Juvenile players are part of the SFHA.
  • Volunteers who work with money (i.e. Team Treasurer)
How often is a CRC required?

SFHA requires a Criminal Record Check be completed every year. Sharing the old one is not sufficient.

What is the cost of a CRC?

There is no cost for CRCs done for volunteers.

What types of Criminal Record Checks (CRC) are there?
  • There are in-person CRCs which require the applicant to go into the municipal police station.
  • There is a new electronic Criminal Record Check (eCRC) which may be completed using a new process. Most notably, your BC Services card is used to verify your identity. This involves downloading the app and following the instructions right in the app, which includes submitting a video for review. The review process can take a couple of days. Following this, an on-line Criminal Record Check can be performed.
May I use the eCRC process or do I need an in-person CRC?
  • Volunteers who work with money, such as a Team Treasurer and a 2nd signor, need to perform in person CRCs.
  • Volunteers who volunteer with SFHA players, such as coaches and managers, need to do an eCRC. It is possible that an in person CRC may also be required.
If I need an in-person CRC, where do I go and what do I need to start the process?

You can go to your local police detachment, in the municipality where you live. You will need two pieces of picture ID and the below letter stating you are a volunteer for Surrey Falcons.

SFHA In Person CRC Letter (2022-23)

How do I start the process for the new eCRC?


Step 1 will take approximately 2 days to complete.  It is a prerequisite for moving on to Step 2.

On your mobile device, download the free “BC Services Card” App. You will need your card in hand for the verification process. The app will prompt you through the steps, which includes making a short video of yourself. This will be reviewed by Service BC, in order to complete the identification verification, and takes approximately 2 business days.


  1. Obtain the SFHA access code from your Team Manager.
  2. Use this link: to complete a CRC.  Enter the SFHA access code obtained from your Team Manager.
  3. On the Information Review page of the application, under the section, "SHARE YOUR EXISTING CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK", you MUST click the 'Submit New CRC' button. Do not select ‘Share Previous CRC’.
  4. After completing the application, be sure to Print or Download a record of your application submission which will contain the Service Number for future reference if you need it.
What if I cannot do verification via the BC Services Card app?
These Q&As do not answer my questions. Who do I contact for more information?
  • If the question is related to the BC Services Card app or the video verification process then your question(s) should be directed to BC Services Card Helpdesk. More information on how to contact them is here:
  • If the question is not related to the BC Services Card app then the first point of contact should be your team Manager. If your Manager and Division Coordinator are unable to resolve the issue then they will either work with the Risk Manager on your behalf or advise you to contact the Risk Manager if the nature of the inquiry is sensitive.