Coming this Friday, March 26, 2021, The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers will be available on Disney+.

Join us in a celebration of all of the Surrey Falcons, past and present, that appear in this series.  What an exciting time to see so many of our Falcons be a part of Disney history.

Hayley Lee (cast member) Falcon U15 A1 

Devynn Dion (stunt double) Alumni

Rowan Hu (stunt double)  Falcon U15 A1 

Taralynn Suzuki (background) Alumni 

Cassandra Kehler (background) Falcon U15 A1 

Daya Sohi (background) Falcon U15 A1 

Julie Clauzel (background)  Alumni

Sarah Leroux (background) Alumni

Daniela Guillen (background) Falcon U15 C1

Nena Virk (stunt double) Alumni

Watch for their player bios coming on social media.