Bantam A1s with some of the Gifts being donated

Bantam A1 team sponsors a family for Christmas

At this time of the year it is important to be thankful for what you have and be mindful that not all families may be as fortunate.  The Surrey Falcons Bantam A1 team was able to take this message to heart with the help of a few hockey parents.  Purn Disanjh and Suhki Sanghe spearheaded an effort to make Christmas a little more special for a family in need.  Through their efforts and the generosity of the Bantam A1 parents, the Falcons were able to take part in giving back to the community.  At the team’s Christmas party, parents brought gifts for a family of five.  The girls spent the latter part of the party wrapping the gifts which will be given to the family sometime in the days leading up to Christmas.   Thanks to all the players and parents involved.