Here is the final roster for the 2019 / 2020 PeeWee C1 team.

If your name is not listed below, then you will be placed on the PeeWee C2 or C3 team.   Please proceed to the PeeWee C2 ice time scheduled for Monday Sept 16th at 6:15 pm at SSLC.   The PeeWee C2 and C3 teams will be balanced and finalized later this week.


Bond, D.

Brar, A.

Brockway, C.

Cebuliak, A.

Cho, A

Engbrecht, T.

Gill, J.

Graham, C.

Husler, K.

Jackson, A.

Lawrence, K.

Preston, E.

Stamp, S.

Virk, S.