Here are the PeeWee C2 and C3 team BALANCED rosters.

All players will attend the practice ice time scheduled for Sunday Sept. 22nd, 10:30 am at SSLC.  This will be the last skate as a combined team.  All other skates should be attended as per the team you have been assigned to.



PeeWee C2

Amirah Kajla

Priya Callewaert

Sarah Najiya

Siya Gill

Tessa Edmondson

Riya Dhanju

Michelle Esau

Grace Mizuno

Naïna Sandhu

Brianna Stacey Clark

Ava Skiba

Amèeran Grewal

Emily Mclauchlin

Abby Pomeroy



PeeWee C3

Jayla Gavin

Calista Child

Avneet Bola

Isabelle Grewal

Cassady Hoffman

Keira Lacey

Daniella Guillen

Jordyn Brown

Meadow Dias

Ayeesha Manhas

Jeslene Kajla

Amira Johal

Layla Roberts