Come Try Hockey and Bring-a-Friend Events

These events are sponsored by Surrey Female Hockey Association as part of our initiative to expose young females to Canada's Game of Hockey.

Girls are given the opportunity to try hockey in a fun environment with girls of similar ages little to no cost.



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Surrey Falcons will be hosting a FREE COME TRY HOCKEY event for girls either new to hockey or wanting to experience playing hockey with other girls. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing concerns with COVID-19, this event is postponed until further notice. Event details will be released as soon as we know when we can resume…

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What People Are Saying

"First let me say that the falcons have left nothing but a positive experience with me. When we walked into SSLC having someone greet us at the door was a nice touch. The friendly coaches, good practice and even the stick and shirt we received (which my daughter wore to bed!) were all top notch. You answering my questions and the philosophy behind development using smaller ice surface and more practice vs less games...absolutely love it"
From a 'Come Try Hockey' Parent

"My girls hockey!"

From a 3-1/2 year old 'Come Try Hockey' Participant